🚀 Services & Commissions

All of the services I offer below are on a case-by-case basis, and are done either:

If you're interested in taking advantage of any of these services, please reach out at public+website@ryandlewis.dev. For all of the services, I provide free, no-commitment estimates and am happy to answer any questions. All prices are examples, and are flexible depending on the nature of a given project.

Also, if you know of any group or individual in need of these services, feel free to refer them to this page! I'm especially interested in helping non-profits, service organizations, and individuals with disabities, so please reach out!

🤖 3D Printing

I have a single-extrusion 3D Printer (a modified CR-10S) with a 300x300x400mm build area, which I use for my personal projects and have spent quite a bit of time fine-tuning and upgrading. It's capable of printing almost any commonly-used 3D printing filament (PLA, ABS, PET-G, HIPS, and TPU are the primary materials I work with). If a specific material or color is needed for a project, I'm happy to acquire it.

A headphone stand printed on my CR-10S in Marble PLA

A headphone stand printed on my CR-10S in Marble PLA

The machine itself is quite versatile: I've used it for printing utility items (coat hangers, cane adapters, headphone and gamepad stands), toys, miniatures, cosplay and props, parts, and more.

Cost of a print is based on the amount of material used and said material's cost, plus a commission fee based on the complexity of the print ($5 for simple prints, $10 for medium complexity, $20 for high complexity). I'm happy to provide estimates free of charge or commitment.

Shipping is covered seperately from the cost of the print.

🏡 Self-hosting Setup and Help

I would love to help people get setup with self-hosted solutions: whole-network level Ad-blocking with PiHole, self-hosted cloud storage/office/photo backup and more with NextCloud, a local media server with Plex/Emby/Jellyfin, or almost anything else.

Self-hosted solutions are generally cheaper and more privacy-respecting than their non-self-hosted counterparts, and often come close to feature-parity. Likewise, there's a self-hosted solution for almost any use-case, so if you're interested in a self-hosted approach, but don't know where to start, feel free to reach out!

🌐 Website Development and Hosting

I'm happy to develop simple, clean websites for a flat fee. Dynamic sites, i.e. sites with support for onine ordering or other active components and regularly updated content, cost more than static sites like portfolio pages.

I can either provide hosting using one of my local servers, for a monthly fee, or setup hosting using a cloud service.

Users will have to register their own domain service, but can receive assistance for this process as part of a free estimate. Typical prices for a domain registration should be in the $10-15 per year range, but can vary based on availability and Top-level Domain (TLD - .com, .org, etc) desired.

⚡ Server-based Virtual Machines and Service/Application Hosting

I have a 16-core Xeon-based server with ~100GB of RAM which I use for my own hosting and service/application needs. It has a great deal of idle time, depending on my own usage, so I'm happy to rent or loan that out to individuals who need compute power for experiments, reliable hosting for servers or applications, or other use cases. I will want to know specifics about workloads and usage, and WILL terminate these VMs if they are misused or abused.

Price depends entirely on resources needed.