💪 BT_Myographic_Gamepad

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💪 BT_Myographic_Gamepad

Project Link: https://github.com/LuckierDodge/BT_Myographic_Gamepad

Description: Simple Arduino Code powering a muscle sensing gamepad controller.

This little project is part of work I did in the ddiLab as an Undergrad for a semester while being funded by a grant from NIU's PROMISE Scholar's program. Essentially I was exploring different ways of interacting with VR, and one of the things I thought of was a "gamepad" driven by Myographic Muscle Sensors.

So I picked up a bluetooth-enabled microcontroller (an Adafruit Feather M0, I think), a MyoWare Muscle Sensor, and the medical sensor pads, and whipped some code up to make it work based on some existing example code. All told, it worked surprisingly well. It was even an HID-compatible device, so it worked with just about any game.