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👋 Hello, and welcome to my humble internet home!

I am a...





Computational Mathematician

...currently studying and working at Northern Illinois University and Argonne National Laboratory.

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I attended the Robotic Operating System's ROS World 2020 convention today. I quite enjoyed it! To keep myself focused during the event, I tried to write some comprehensive notes. To keep myself entertained, I wrote them as if somebody else would be reading them.

👋 Hey Everyone! My name is Ryan D. Lewis, and I'm...not exactly new around here, but this is my first post! So allow me to introduce myself.

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Latest Projects

🖊 Graphics Modeling

Some artifacts from my graphics modeling efforts that I think don't look half bad. All programmatically generated using a RenderMan-based graphics pipeline.

📚 LuckierDodge

A special GitHub repo who's README.md appears on my GitHub Profile

🐋 dockerfiles

A GitHub repo that contains the dockerfiles I use in my homelab.

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