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Adventures in Tech Series

"Extending an Old-school Programmable Keyboard with AutoHotKey" Header Image

Extending an Old-school Programmable Keyboard with AutoHotKey

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In this adventure, I explore the possibilities presented by an old-school programmable keyboard from the 90s, unearthed at a thrift store, and how it can still be useful and productive in the 2020's.

Posts on Dev

"How to Communicate with an Arduino from Docker" Header Image

How to Communicate with an Arduino from Docker

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A quick tech tip for communicating with Arduino-based microcontrollers from applications running in Docker containers.

"Personal Notes from ROS World 2020" Header Image

Personal Notes from ROS World 2020

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I attended the Robotic Operating System's ROS World 2020 convention today. I quite enjoyed it! To keep myself focused during the event, I tried to write some comprehensive notes. To keep myself entertained, I wrote them as if somebody else would be reading them.

"A (Belated) Hello World!" Header Image

A (Belated) Hello World!

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👋 Hey Everyone! My name is Ryan D. Lewis, and I'm...not exactly new around here, but this is my first post! So allow me to introduce myself.